Sunday, 17 July 2011

Encore, Emilio!

In response to this post, Emilio Caceres' son has written to explain why his father didn't follow brother Ernie's path as a touring jazz musician. Emilio "did not enjoy the road at all. Although he spent time in the Michigan and Ohio area, and in New York that culminated with appearances on the Benny Goodman Camel Hour, he preferred to be home... He had numerous offers, from Abe Lyman in the early forties to Pete Fountain in the sixties. But dad refused to leave his home in San Antonio."

Emilio's daughter-in-law has also responded, commenting on "beautiful music from a beautiful man."

Such a great, underappreciated swing violinist deserves an encore. Instead of wondering what might have been, let's enjoy what is. Here's Emilio, together with brother Ernie on clarinet, in a dynamite I Got Rhythm from 1937. (Is that cousin Johnny Gomez on guitar?)

In a world starved for joy and beauty, who could ask for anything more?

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