Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dust off those spring training cliches

"We've got competition at every position. That's the kind of problem a manager loves to have."

"I'll guarantee you this: we're gonna play aggressive, entertaining baseball."

"If A and B continue to develop, and C and D get back to where they were two years ago, our pitching staff will be solid."

"This year I've set some personal goals for myself."

"My velocity is coming back."

"We're gonna surprise a lot of people."

"I love the chemistry here."

"We're working on the little things that win ballgames -- hitting the cutoff man, taking the extra base, bunting, hitting behind the runner."

"Anybody can win in this division."

"I don't know where he got a reputation as clubhouse poison. Far as I can see, he's a terrific teammate."

"Our rebuilding plan is on track."

[From the manager of a team with a losing spring-training record] "Our record in spring training means nothing. Once the season begins, you can throw out the numbers."

[From the manager of a team with a winning spring-training record] "It's good to instill winning habits."

Additional contributions from cliche-loving baseball fans are welcome. 

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