Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bay Ridge, 1915

71st Street and Shore Road, now the site of Xaverian High School.

Mom (in the center) and friends on 71st Street. That's Mom's little friend Lotte on the right. Lotte's family had the bad luck to return to Germany at the wrong time, in the late 1920s. Mom never heard from Lotte again.

Mom and a friend on Narrows Avenue.

The dog is Lotte's, the girl is my Mom.


  1. Lovely pictures, Kid. Do you know who took them? (Cameras weren't as ubiquitous in 1915, I guess.)

    And I seem to recall that your Mom is happily still with us: what does she remember of that environment? If this sounds like "More, please!" it is.

  2. My grandfather took them. As for Mom, she remembers everything.

  3. I've been corrected. Lotte's mother had an interest in photography; she took the pictures.