Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bay Ridge backyards, 1916

This photo has special meaning for me. It was taken from the second-floor back room of Mom's house on 71st Street. Twenty-three years later this room would become my bedroom. Substitute some newer fences, add some houses and a couple of small apartment houses in the distance, and this was the view from the only bedroom I ever had until I moved away from home. For atmosphere, add the sound of foghorns coming from the Narrows.


  1. Those fences are lovely and hypnotic. Who needs Christo? You are lucky to have had that view and more so to have the photograph. When you consider the highest bidder can't buy the gleam in your eye, no one can deny, you're a lucky Brooklyn Kid.

  2. This lucky Brooklyn kid had so much affection for his childhood that when we first knew each other (I was 21 and he was 24), late one summer night he escorted me via the 4th Avenue Local from Manhattan to Bay Ridge. He wanted me to see his block and his house! His parents, who hadn't met me yet, were fast asleep. We just sat on his front stoop and talked before heading back to the Upper West Side. Who could resist?

  3. Whoops! that's me, Brooklyn girl, in comment 2. I think I finally got my Google account right...