Friday, 4 March 2011

"Going into New York"

In the 1940s, this is how we in Bay Ridge, kids and adults alike, would phrase it if we were going to a show or movie or sports event in Manhattan: “I'm going into New York today.” Mom used to “go into New York” to shop at B. Altman. It gives you a sense of the separateness we Brooklynites felt. Separateness, but a kind of defiant pride, too: we had our own identity. I wonder if that spirit exists in Brooklyn today.

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  1. lol, "the city." "I'm going into 'the city' to shop at J&R and then maybe get dinner in the Village..." I have to explain to all my friends from outside of New York that even though the 5 boroughs make up New York City, "the city" is Manhattan.